Business Intelligence

The art of predicting futuristic business trends and performance statistics based on information gathered historically has been the forte of B.I. This trend analysis helps to leverage business and focus on KPI's (Key performance Indicators) which in turn help the business boost its sales and address areas of concern.

Data collection

Data collection is the most important part prior to any analysis. Transactional databases are the most common sources of sales data. These can be web applications ,web logs ,web feeds, POS (point of sales) etc. The data can also come in through a variety of formats , including RDBMS , csv,txt formats.

Data Marts and Datawarehouse

The collected data can be segregated into different functional units ,which form the basis for datamarts. These can be sales,logistics,manufacturing etc ,to name a few. All of such units ,assembled together form the backbone of an organization's performance statitics and indicators.

Ralph Kimball & Bill Inmon

The two common approaches used in the industry today for designing and building a datawarehouse. Either a bottom up or a top down approach is followed that results in a conglomerate of datamarts joining hands to form a EDW.(Enterprise DW ).


Our expertise in consulting involves the below toolsets.

Cognos Enterprise Planning & TM1

We have developed various budget models in planning & TM1 . We have generic prebuilt analyst and contributor models that will reduce the time take to build a new system. We also specialize in Planning - BI integration. All this ,gives us the edge to deliver models on time.


Kalido is mainly a modelling and ETL tool merged into one. We have good experience in developing Kalido applications and rolling them out.


Informatica is one of the best ETL tools out there in the market. We have expertise in developing transformation ,mappings ,mapplets and having high level data design document.

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