Go ahead. Check your budget and find out how much money you spend on maintaining paper documents. Be sure to include printing and copying costs, replacement costs for lost or misplaced documents, file cabinets and boxes, rent per square foot of storage space, wages per employee to retrieve files, etc. Converting your documents into electronic form is a fundamental way to slash operating budgets and improve overall efficiency. Imagine what would happen in case of a flood, fire or natural disaster? What would happen to your business if it suffered a catastrophic loss of your files? By storing a copy of your documents off-site in electronic form, you can protect them from destruction We take care of the all of these by.
  • Reducing Maintenance cost
  • Enabling you to have a limited storage space
  • Having a secure disaster backup and recovery plan
  • Increasing the overall efficiency of the system
  • Enhanced document security
  • Quick turnaround of the conversion process

Document Imaging

Document imaging is the process of converting paper documents into electronic documents that are exact replicas of their paper counterparts. They are then indexed, stored and retrieved from the organization’s computer network or the Internet. Document imaging systems are finding a warm welcome in many organizations because they make significant improvements in operational efficiency with little organizational change. In an economic climate, where organizations are seeking ways to cut costs and increase productivity, document imaging systems are providing the most dramatic impact on office production since the copy machine replaced carbon paper.

In addition, paper-based filing systems allow paper documents to reside in only one place at a time. Therefore, office personnel generally make their own copies.

There is also a cost associated with storing documents both on and off-site. A document imaging system allows you to store 21,000 documents on a $1.00 CD or 1,333,000 documents on a 40 GB external hard drive costing approximately $100.

Data Entry Processing

Do you have , binders, records , logs and huge chunks of data records that are cumbersome to maintain. Are you looking out to someone for converting these into more manageable soft copies. Then look no further.

We are ideally suited for companies that either don't have the people or physical resources for manipulating data. We also provide data processing services for organizations that don't have time, or the work is too infrequent to be done in-house.
  • No overtime cost to do work
  • No need to purchase additional computer equipment/maintenance
  • Not necessary to hire programmers
  • We will batch, sort, & code records
  • Update online changes to your database
  • Save on tour facility costs such as rent, utility and other related costs
  • Allow employees time to concentrate on company's core competencies
  • Have all your documents shipped directly to us by UPS, FEDEX, etc
  • All information captured into MS Excel, MS Access or any format you prefer
  • All information returned to you via courier or email

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